Balancing Work and Life


 one-hour “Balancing Work and Life” session with a certified coach

Purchasing a Balancing Work and Life Package for your team will provide them with the professional space to unpack where there may be gaps in balance within work and life. Our Mind Spa consultants will work with them and identify a tailored plan that fits around their world to support them in getting back into the drivers seat and getting a sense of control in their world with the right tools to support execution of priority tasks at the highest capability of their potential.  They will create a practical plan identifying priorities, time management, boundaries, work and health and wellbeing goals.


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Once purchasing and gifting the Balancing Work and Life package to your team, they will connect with one of our specialised Mind Spa consultants.  A time will be scheduled that is suitable to them and the package will be activated.  They will receive, resources and tools in prep for the one to one session.  Utilising specific models, our Mind Spa consultant will identify current strengths, capability and development points to activate and accelerate progression.  Your team will complete the session with a practical plan for them to implement back into their lives.

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