About Mind Spa, through 17 years of working with hundreds of thousands of people globally personally and within organisations there has been ONE clear element that has been consistent with every person we have touched. This special element is THE MIND. It is critical we care for it, we put in the quality things that keep it healthy and resilient while also constantly including the ingredients to support growth. Each and every one of us are unique and will have our own elements that make up our strongest, most robust and healthy mind.

This is where Mind Spa was created. Understanding the critical importance of the mind impacting each of our lives and ensuring we are investing the right things in to support health and growth. Just like going to the gym and investing in our bodies and going to the beauty spa. It’s time to invest in our minds to create health, growth and happiness. This is the most important asset you carry with you everyday!

We have experienced and qualified Mind Spa specialists ready to connect with you and commence your and or your loved one, friend or colleague

Mind Spa sessions are provided via telephone or secure online sessions. We choose these methods to make sessions more accessible.

About Mind spa