Becoming a Pure Insight Mind Spa Affiliate you become part of a larger movement of individuals and businesses determined to remove the stigma around emotional health and wellness.

It doesn’t matter why you need to refer to us, the only thing you want is for you and the person you refer to be properly taken care of. you & your clients access to highly trained and experienced mental health professionals. As a pure Insight Mind Spa Affiliate, you take the first step for the person you’re referring. Your referral tells them:

  • these are the people we trust
  • we understand asking for help can be hard and we want to help
  • we want the best for you!

Mind Spa is a great solution to offer support and care to those needing help that sits outside the normal “Medicare Care Plan” requirements. Perhaps it’s someone who:

  • is finding it hard to commit the action to outcomes they want & you know are possible
  • perhaps they need a shift in mindset to be competition ready
  • perhaps they need help shutting off the chatter in their head so they can focus.

Whatever it is, being a trusted part in the solution is an important role you play.

What Affiliates receive

  • Affiliate Welcome Package
  • Affiliate Portal
  • Affiliate stationery and merchandise
  • Marketing Content suggestions
  • Attractive rewards and compensation
  • Apply to be a Pure Insight Mind Spa Affiliate